Why a men should never forget their boyhood dreams

Dreams are not buying that video game, that BMX bicycle that every neighbor’s kid rides. Dreams from your boyhood are things that instigate you to be successful at a later stage.
Dreams will not disappear, dreams are hidden when you surrender to your fate.
Dreams are luxurious for the grown men. Don’t be that grown man, be a beast with the thirst to accomplish the dream. A beast is not heartless, he has a family too, priorities are made clear. To reach the peak, don’t look back, overcome all boundaries, things will not be easy, bumpy rides are gonna make you the road warrior and ultimately the winner in life.  Like the turtle who won the race against the rabbit.

Be a winner in your own way, don’t forget to dream.alessio-lin-213523(Photo source: unsplash.com, Photographer: Alessio Lin)


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